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Social Media Screening Services

Fast accurate and legally compliant Social Media checks designed with a simple candidate experience.

Protect your company’s reputation by providing insight into a candidate’s background and identifying any information that may be a cause for concern or a conflict of interest for your company.

We Offer Three Levels Of Checks


  • Adverse Internet Checks
  • Social Media Checks
  • Investigative Online Due Diligence Checks
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Checks For Employers

Social Media checks are considered particularly important for regulated industries, for any company that conducts work of a sensitive nature where the job role may involve access to sensitive information or for a job role which is considered high profile for example a senior position within a company.

  • 300+ Social Media Platforms Searched
  • GDPR Compliant Checks
  • 600 Billion+ Archived Web Pages
  • 200+ Languages Processed

These checks should only be run as part of your pre-employment screening for candidates that have been offered employment with your company and not for assessing candidates in the recruitment process.

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Social Media Checks

This check retrieves publicly available information on social media sites to provide insight into a candidate’s background and character. Our searches will highlight the behavioural risks identified within social media profiles. This is now an essential part of the background screening process, particularly when hiring.

What Do We Uncover?

Our social media reports provide a comprehensive review of the social media profiles and social media ‘footprint’ of an individual. We cover 10 active profiles and all key social media sites from Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to Instagram and Tik Tok. Such searches extend to a period of three years.

CV Insight also provides a regular monitoring feature, to conduct social media checks on a regular basis (every 6 months) to ensure you are mitigating any potential risk to your company as frequently as possible.

Risks include: Extreme Views / Opinions, Hate & Discriminatory Behaviour, Inappropriate / Undesirable Content, Illegal Activities, Addiction & Substance Abuse, Violent Content, Sexually Explicit Content, & More.

The Key Benefits

Reduce Hiring Costs: Using advanced behavioural insights in the hiring process can enable more efficient, consistent decision-making, lowering the overall cost of hiring.

Protect Company Reputation: Improved hiring decisions can insulate against reputational loss, as any negative act of the employee in any media could be associated with the company.

Maintain Company Culture: A bad employee can negatively impact a whole team and negatively impact the company’s culture.

Improving Employment Efficiencies: Reduce the costs of removing a bad hire and the resultant loss of time, productivity and associated hassle of firing.

Social Media Checks
Questions Answered

When conducting social media background checks in-house, you expose yourself to claims of bias because you cannot “unsee” any protected characteristic information. Using an independent expert third party is more consistent, faster and compliant.

We can turnaround social media reports in 48 hours.

Social media checks refer to the practice of reviewing an individual’s online presence and activity on social media platforms as part of the pre-employment screening process. Employers may conduct these checks to gather additional information about a candidate, assess their character, conduct, and suitability for the role.

Adverse Internet Checks

Adverse Internet Checks are a report that highlights risks found through structured internet searches. This check supplements the background screening process when hiring and for regular employee checks.

What Do We Uncover?

This search begins with looking for adverse content, risks or ‘prominent’ information. Using AI, and our software’s proprietary algorithms, the search gathers many thousands of search engine results, from multiple search engines to automatically identify relevant information.

Adverse media risks are found through structured queries on the internet. Even for individuals with an extensive online presence, we will review news articles, blogs, court records, videos, interviews, academic papers, fundraising pages, and much more. With structured queries, we will highlight at least 5 issues (if applicable).

Risks include: Extreme Views / Opinions, Hate & Discriminatory Behaviour, Inappropriate / Undesirable Content, Illegal Activities, Violent Content, & More.

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Investigative Online Due Diligence Check

This check includes social media searches as outlined above plus websites, blogs and deep web searches. This check is typically carried out for more sensitive high-risk roles as well as Senior Management, Board members.

You may also like to consider our Financial Probity and Regulatory Checks which work in tandem with our Integrity Checks.

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What Our Clients Say

A Trusted Partner in Cyber Security Recruitment
Working with CV Insight has been a game-changer for our recruitment company. Their deep industry knowledge and extensive network have allowed us to consistently deliver highly skilled cyber security professionals to our clients. Their meticulous candidate selection and personalised approach make them a reliable and valued partner.

Emily Morgans
Business Support Manager

NDK Consulting

CV Insight are great to work with from getting setup initially to now initiating our screenings, everything is always smooth sailing! The system is easy to use and whenever we have an issue there is always someone to speak with who resolves the problem in a timely manner.

Alisha Nandhe Patel
Senior Global Operations Manager

I-Pharm Consulting Ltd

We at Cordiant Digital Infrastructure having been partnering with CVInsights for over 2 years for our UK and international employment checks. they have always provided exceptional service they have always been very supportive in meeting our requirements. They provide a fast efficient cost effective service

Rita Maguire
Human Resources Consultant

Cordiant Digital Infrastructure

For over ten years, Clarion Housing has partnered with CV Insight as our trusted employment screening provider for both new and existing employees. Their seamless integration into our processes, along with their unwavering commitment to prompt turnaround times and attention to detail, have proven to be invaluable assets. We would recommend CV Insight to any organisation in search of a reliable and professional partner for their employment screening needs.

Talent Acquisition Manager

Clarion Housing Group

Allbricks partner with CV insight to complete employee screening obligations. The team at CV insight are friendly, prompt and clear in their responses, process requests quite quickly and maintain open conversations with candidates throughout their screening. The online platform is very user-friendly and easy to navigate. It is a pleasure working with CV insight and would recommend their services.

Warren Deweltz
Compliance and Risk Manager


I have had the pleasure of working with Michelle and her team at CV insight for the past two and half years.
We have worked very closely with CV insight on a variety of projects ranging from small to medium, to more recently larger accounts.
Michelle and her team have provided a seamless process which has enabled my team to be able
remain focused on their roles with limited disruption.
I would have no hesitation in recommending Michelle and her team to any client looking to partner
with a reliable and conscientious organisation who deliver on what they promise.

Hannah Hewitt
Commercial Manager

ACS Staffing Solutions

Providing FCA compliant UK and International Employment Screening Service since 2012. CV Insight provide a good, quick and responsive service to emails and calls. Good phone support, as well as our bespoke weekly report. Highly responsive, would recommend CV Insight.

Financial Services Company

CV Insight have been providing us with their Employment screening services since October 2008. CV Insight always deliver costing and time scales on the same day as the request. The online system is easy to navigate for both clients and candidates. We are always updated when a candidate has not completed their form, which then allows us to chase our candidate thereby avoiding unnecessary delays. All staff are very helpful, polite and knowledgeable. We would 100% recommend.

Worldwide Recruitment Company

CV Insight perform our FCA UK and International Employment screening services. They adhere to agreed timeframes and if this is not achievable they always keep me informed. CV Insight online system is user-friendly from the employer perspective. Their communication is clear and thorough and they keep an open dialogue throughout a candidate’s screening. We recommend their services.

Specialist Fund Management Company

CV Insight are a trusted partner for us globally, supporting us in verifying the educational background/qualifications of our candidates. This is a vital part of our due diligence process to ensure that clients can rely on the quality of talent that we recommend.

International Executive Recruitment Company

CV Insight have been performing our UK and International Employment Screening Service for over 7 years. CV Insight provide a very reliable delivery of references and background checks. They have a flexible approach, are very easy to engage with if there are questions. They deal with volumes of identical cases and also have a willingness to adapt services to the specific business needs where required. We would highly recommend CV Insight.

World Leading Technology Company

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  • Named Account Manager To Oversee Every Stage Of The Process
  • Same Day Setup, 24/7 Access - View Results In Real Time
  • Compliant With All relevant Regulations And Standards
  • First-class customer service - Just read our testimonials
  • Secure, easy to use online system - fast and accurate, compliant data
  • Screening For Both Regulated And Non-Regulated Companies

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