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Qualification Checks – to check or not to check? That is the question…

10th June 2020
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When employers are looking for a new recruit, a qualification is often at the top of the list of requirements. Qualification checks can show that a candidate has certain abilities and skillsets to do the job required.

Of course, we all know that academic qualifications aren’t everything and for some roles they aren’t necessarily a definite way to ensure job success – but, for many positions, qualifications are key and to disregard them entirely in those cases could be hugely dangerous.

If a qualification is important for the position you are hiring for, make sure you consider performing the very highest education checks.

Think of it this way – we are told around a third of jobseekers embellish or exaggerate their academic qualifications. If an employer fails to have adequate safeguards in place, there is a real risk of exposing their business to dishonest and under-qualified staff. This is particularly serious in professions where certain qualifications are a regulatory prerequisite of the position, such as in the legal, medical or financially-regulated industries. Would you want a doctor treating you if they hadn’t had their qualifications checked and verified? A drastic example we know, but a clear demonstration as to how important qualifications can be. And if a qualification really is important for a role, then our advice is that the qualification should be verified.

Education and professional verification checks are one of the most requested background screening checks we provide here at CV Insight. Our fast, simple and effective check provides unbiased results for all levels of qualifications, from secondary through to university level and professional accreditations too. Find out more about this Education Verification

As experts with nearly fifteen years’ experience in a wide range of pre-employment screening services, if you feel background checks could be important for your business, we’d be happy to chat it through with you.

So, should you check those qualifications? In our opinion, absolutely.

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