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Should I Google it?

24th August 2015
CV Insight By CV Insight WordPress Developer

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What do most of us do when we want to search for something? We Google it. (Other search engines are of course available!) In today’s internet age, it is so easy to find what we want or need online – and an internet search is often the first port of call when we are looking for that certain something.

Hands up how many of you have done a search on yourselves? You might find mentions of your name on a website, see links to comments you’ve made on your LinkedIn profile or photos might come up where you’ve been tagged or featured online. But what about if you want to find out about another person, can the same approach apply when checking the background of job candidates?


With online information being readily accessible and most people these days having some sort of online presence, can online searching constitute a background check for those you might want to employ too? In a word, no.

Effective background screening is not a Google search – it’s a good practice technique to verify the identity, integrity and credentials of a potential employee who will be entrusted with your company resources or assets.

We are told that more and more employers are conducting their own online searches before interviewing candidates. Whilst an online search might bring up that your preferred candidate was at a festival at the weekend or that they’ve recently sponsored someone’s sporting challenge, does it really tell you about their suitability for a role if you wish to employ them? Not really. And what about those candidates who aren’t online at all, how can you obtain further insights on them?

An online profile does not provide the whole picture. Whilst we all know how brilliant search engines can be, they can’t give you a full and accurate view as to whether someone possesses the skills, qualifications and knowledge to perform the job role they are applying for. A basic internet search can’t tell you that your perfect candidate really does have that degree they need or if they have the right to work in the UK.

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Working with a specialist screening partner enables recruiters to obtain an independent and fair assessment of candidates – and that independence and fairness is at the heart of our work with clients across the UK and internationally, whatever the business sector.

At CV Insight, we use cutting edge systems to access the background information our clients need and you might be surprised by how quickly the results can come in; with some basic identity and UK credit checks completed within 24 hours.

If a candidate’s online profile is of particular importance for the role you are recruiting for, read about our specific media and profile screening services. We can perform international adverse media searches as part of the complete screening process if necessary.

Get in touch to find out how we may be able to support you with your current recruitment activity. You can find our contact details here – or if you want to, you can Google us!

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